My MicroWedding Planning Service…


The service I offer as a wedding planner is simple:
I help couples find and connect with micro-wedding friendly venues and professionals.



Are you a wedding coordinator?
While I do help coordinate weddings, I differ from traditional wedding coordinators in the fact that I connect couples with vendors (photography, etc.) and venues, and then my service is complete . If you do want additional help with the little stuff, I’d be happy to connect you with an associate coordinator.

How does it work?
You hire me, I find awesome wedding vendors able to provide the services you need, then I connect you with them.

Then what?
From that point, you will handle all coordinating, payment, communication, contracts, etc. directly with each individual professional.

Why don’t I pay the full vendor payment now?
The wedding professionals that I work with are not my employees, they work for themselves and handle their own payment. I simply negotiate packages/prices and connect you with them.

How do I get started?
Complete BOTH steps below :)

Make sense?
Email, txt, or call me if it doesn’t!


Step 2:

Hire me!

Choose one of the packages below to hire me on to help coordinate the vendors and venue for your date!

Planning Package
from 200.00
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“Base” Package

Venue Suggestions
I’ll provide suggestions for both ceremony and dinner locations.

Vendor Coordination
I’ll connect you with any of the following vendors available for your date.
Officiant, Photographer, Videographer, Hair & Makeup Stylist, DJ/Live Music,
Bartender, Rental Equipment, Wedding Coordinator, Flowers, and Cake.

The “Elopement Special”
Same services as “Base” Package above
For Bride & Groom looking to keep it simple
Less than 15 guests

“Peak" add-ons…

For larger groups who require additional assistance with lodging, dining, and venue coordination,
beyond my complimentary suggestions and information.
95% of my couples do not require any of these add-ons.
More info


Prices may vary based on location, requested style, and availability.

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