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Hey guys!

My name’s Iver Marjerison, and I’m the owner and lead planner here at Colorado Microweddings, where we help connect brides and grooms with vendors for their wedding day. I work with couples across the state, and am always looking for new people to start working with. So whether you’re a long-time pro, or have no wedding experience and are interested in transitioning your skills into the wedding world, I’d be happy to hop on a phone call and discuss collaborating!

What our weddings look like…

Generally speaking, we help couples who are looking for small, contemporary, laid-back, and affordable weddings options. While we are flexible, generally our weddings fall into two categories:

  • 0-20 guests (standing), 10min ceremony in a park, followed by photos, reception/dinner at a local restaurant.

  • 20-50 guests (seated), 15min ceremony at a local venue, followed by photos, reception at event space.


Who I’m looking for…


With experience…
You know the drill! If you’re looking to get some more microweddings on your calendar, reach out!

We do $200 for weddings with just the couple, and $250 for weddings with less than 20 people.

Without experience…
No worries! If you are a competent, strong communicator, who can dress nice and read a script… you have what it takes! As an officiant myself, I’ve trained lots of people, and would happy to show you the ropes. Basically, I’d explain everything, meet up with you to do a few mock run throughs, then whenever we think you’re ready, we find you a wedding! Starting out, you would do weddings that are just the couple (no guests!). We would find you couples that are laid back, explain that you are new and offer them a discount, and make sure you have an experienced photographer there to assist.

I know it sounds scary… but it’s really not that bad! If you’re interested at all, give me a call and I’ll give you the full rundown.

You’ll start at $100 per ceremony + travel (ceremonies run about 10mins). Once you get the hang of things, you’ll go to the regular rates listed above.


It’s simple! If you’re looking to add some more short and sweet weddings to your calendar, send me your portfolio and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

We do $300 for weddings with just the couple, and $350 for up to 20 guests.
(ceremony, group, and portrait session, up to 1 hour, min 75 edited photos with full printing rights)

For more formal ceremonies with 20-50 seated guests, we do $550
(ceremony, group, and portrait session, up to 1.5 hour, min 100 edited photos with full printing rights)

Additional hours +$300 

Everyone else!

Videographers, florists, bakers, hair & makeup, venues, food trucks, unicorns, caterers, bartenders… you name, we probably need it! Reach out. We’ll see what we can do :)

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Founder / Lead Planner

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