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How it works…

With the right team and the right location, putting together a small wedding in Colorado can be simple!


Step 1
You contact me.
We brainstorm vendors, ceremony locations, and ceremony styles.

Step 2
We decide on a location for the wedding, I help you secure required permits, and your Colorado marriage license, and I connect you with your vendors (officiant, photographer, etc.).

Step 3
The day of the wedding, you meet your officiant (who performs the ceremony) at a beautiful location (like a mountaintop!), with a photographer (to capture the moment).

Step 4
After the ceremony, you sign the license and mail it in—you’re now legally married!

Step 5
From there, the world is your oyster. Whether it’s just the two of you or a couple dozen friends and family, I’d be happy to put together a micro-reception for your celebratory drinks and eats.