Where to Have Your Microwedding
(Venues for Small Weddings)


Traditional wedding venues are straightforward: they have a beautiful place to do the ceremony, and big space to eat, drink, and party. If your guest count is creeping into the 40s, one of these venues may be a good fit. But if you’re planning a small microwedding, or a casual, elopement-style wedding, these spots probably won’t make logistical or financial sense.

Fortunately for you, there are tons of affordable and unique venue options for small weddings. I’ve listed some of my favorites below. Keep in mind, many won’t work for both the ceremony and reception, so don’t be afraid to mix and match two different venues to build your perfect day.

Event Spaces

Again, most traditional wedding venues won’t make sense for smaller weddings, but you might get lucky! If you’re flexible, consider planning your wedding during an off-season, weekday, or morning. Venues are much more likely to be flexible on their packages during these times. Another option is to consider venues that don’t work exclusively with weddings, like city-owned rental facilities, community centers, and other places that accommodate events.


Abundant, affordable, and beautiful, parks make a great option for intimate wedding ceremonies and casual receptions. Whether you’re looking for a mountaintop elopement or something more traditional, almost every town has a park that would be great for a microwedding. Hop online or call your local Parks & Recreation department; they can help you brainstorm and figure out your options.

For the ceremony…
Generally, I’d say with 40 people or less, you can make a park work for the ceremony. You’ll want to find a spot with nice, open space where you can setup chairs (which usually requires a permit or reservation).

If your guest count is less than 20, you don’t need to set up chairs, which means you can do a quick and informal ceremony almost anywhere—including mountaintops, scenic overlooks, beaches, or local botanic gardens.

For the reception…
Between reservable lawns, covered pavilions, and picnic areas, parks are a great place to eat, drink, and celebrate. Not to mention it’s by far one of the cheapest ways to have a wedding reception. Don’t forget to bring the lawn games, and remember you can always rent event tents if you need more cover.

For food, you could have your uncle BBQ for everyone or bring in catering. But why not hire a food truck to come take care of your group? (See? Parks are versatile.) Just make sure to research the alcohol rules for your park––dry weddings are only fun when they happen on purpose.

Rental Homes & BAckyards

Having a wedding at an Air BnB, vacation rental home, or your own backyard can work perfectly! Find one in your desired area and ask the owner if it’s okay to hold your ceremony there. Be sure to explain that it’s a “microwedding” (when homeowners hear the word “wedding” they envision hundreds of people trashing their property).

For the ceremony…
You’ll want a house that offers a backyard, patio, or indoor space that will provide a nice backdrop for ceremony photos, and enough space for your guests to sit or stand.

For the reception…
Not all rental homes can offer a picturesque scene that’s ideal for a ceremony, but most large homes still offer a great space for eating, drinking, and socializing with loved ones. Catering, takeout, or home cooking are great options for food… but again, why not hire a food truck?

If you can’t tell, I’m very “pro” food truck. And, if it matches your style, I think it can be the secret sauce of your microwedding.

Restaurants & Breweries

For the ceremony…
These spots don’t normally offer ceremony-friendly facilities, but that’s not always the case! Many breweries in Colorado have patio spaces that provide a beautiful and contemporary setting for an intimate wedding.

For the reception…
If it’s just you and your parents, a nice table with a view may be ideal. But if your group is larger, try to find a restaurant or local brewery that offers a “private dining” or event space. Another option is to find places that have patios or rooftops that can be rented.

Music / Dancing?
Event spaces––and even some restaurants––will allow you to hire a DJ and get your dance on. But if your group is smaller than 20 people, you may be better off finding a local bar with a lively dance floor after dinner.

What about the weather?

If you don’t have a covered outdoor area, or an optional indoor area, there is always a risk. In most cases, you could opt to rent and erect an event tent. With that being said, these ceremonies are short. My advice: have umbrellas ready and roll with the punches!

Get creative!

From the wedding ceremony to the reception, you’d be surprised how many places will rent you the space you need… so get creative!

Some of my favorite spots for small unique weddings:

  • Mountaintop

  • Aquarium

  • Art Gallery

  • Beach

  • Museum

  • Brewery

  • House Boat

  • Orchard

  • Winery

  • Historic Building

  • Rooftop Garden

  • Airplane 

At the end of the day…

Microweddings are awesome… because they’re flexible.

There are no rules or requirements. I’ve planned small weddings everywhere, from the top of a mountain to the back of an airplane––so as you start planning your own, don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

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Iver Marjerison
Owner / Lead Planner