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What exactly is a Microwedding?

A “micro-wedding” is just what the name implies—a small wedding!

There’s really no firm rules or regulations, but generally speaking a microwedding consists of a less-traditional ceremony and reception with anywhere from just the parents to upward of 60 guests. It’s a nontraditional way of celebrating a couple’s special day that splits the difference between an informal “elopement” and a full-blown wedding.

Who are they for?

Small weddings can really be for anyone!

Since there are no rules on size or style, the wedding can be customized to fit any couple’s personalities and budget, from a mountaintop elopement to a casual wedding at the local art gallery. With that being said, couples that tend to be drawn to this idea are typically looking to avoid the stress and expenses associated with traditional ceremonies, opting instead to create an intimate experience with their close friends and family. And, of course, this contemporary style of celebration is also the perfect fit for a vow renewal ceremony!

Why have one?

Microweddings offer a budget-friendly alternative to more traditional wedding options, while still offering a wedding day that is both beautiful, memorable, and awesome. Best of all, without the financial and logistical restrictions of a bloated guest list, many couples find that their wedding budget goes much further! And while it’s certainly the easiest way to have a “cheap” wedding, you don’t have to sacrifice quality or elegance. Another advantage of microweddings is flexibility. Whereas traditional venues often restrict vendor/food/alcohol choices, with a small wedding, the world is your oyster!

Want to have a food truck meet your party in the park?
…Why not!
How about the ceremony on a mountaintop and the reception at a brewery?
…That works!
Your friend as the officiant and a cactus bouquet?
…You’re in charge!


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